Gaming in the classroom has had its critics over the years; however, there are several benefits to a gamified classroom. For example, games allow students to enjoy the game, try out different aspects, and even lose sometimes, without the typical failure apprehension.  It also encourages team building among students and gives motivation to those that mightContinue reading “Gaming”

Technology in Education

Purpose of Technology in Education Technology can be viewed as an imperative tool educators use to provide and improve outstanding instruction. Students over the last decade have been inundated with various types of technologies nearly every day of their lives.  They have become accustomed to interacting with handheld devices that provide instantaneous information or feedback. TeachersContinue reading “Technology in Education”

Differentiation through Technology

Effective teachers balance the demand of their curriculum with the needs of their students by using a variety of instructional strategies.  Strategies that address learning styles, such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic aid students, especially those who need differentiation, to make connections, discover abstract concepts through visuals, or work in classrooms where cooperative learning andContinue reading “Differentiation through Technology”