Technology Trends

References Alexander, B., Ashford-Rowe, K., Barajas-Murphy, N., Dobbin, G., Knott, J., McCormack, M.,              Pomerantz, J., Seilhamer, R. & Weber, N. (eds.) (2019). EDUCAUSE Horizon Report:             2019 Higher Education Edition. 282 Century Place, Suite 5000 Louisville, CO 80027:              EDUCAUSE. ISBN: 978-1-933046-02-0 The Evolution of Technology in the Classro­om. Purdue University Online. (n.d.). Retrieved from     Friedman, L. W., & Friedman, H.Continue reading “Technology Trends”

Technology Lesson Demonstration

Kahoot! is an educational technology that allows teachers to create an element of entertainment to enhance learning. I chose Kahoot! based on research that shows an increase in students’ motivation from digital gaming (Chen, 2018). Instead of using traditional worksheets to assess students’ comprehension, I replaced them with a game allowing observation of individual effortsContinue reading “Technology Lesson Demonstration”