Technology Lesson Demonstration

Kahoot! is an educational technology that allows teachers to create an element of entertainment to enhance learning. I chose Kahoot! based on research that shows an increase in students’ motivation from digital gaming (Chen, 2018). Instead of using traditional worksheets to assess students’ comprehension, I replaced them with a game allowing observation of individual effortsContinue reading “Technology Lesson Demonstration”


Gaming in the classroom has had its critics over the years; however, there are several benefits to a gamified classroom. For example, games allow students to enjoy the game, try out different aspects, and even lose sometimes, without the typical failure apprehension.  It also encourages team building among students and gives motivation to those that mightContinue reading “Gaming”

Professional Development Presentation

Transcript for the PowerPoint Presentation: Welcome to this professional development presentation. This presentation will showcase the International Society for Technology in Education or ISTE. We begin by taking a look at the benefits of membership.  If you are looking for a professional organization to connect with other technology educators, grow your technology skills, collaborate, and findContinue reading “Professional Development Presentation”