Of the 8-week course, one week down. It wasn’t super bad. I feel like I planned out my week pretty decently and even gave myself Friday night off for a quick boat ride on the lake with a friend. However, the weekend hours quickly filled in and it was Sunday night before I knew it.Continue reading “12.5%”


I have always know I was a slow reader. I enjoyed English class when the teacher would read aloud; allowed my brain to see the words on the book page in front of me and hear the language. NOT so much anymore. I began reading last night, from one of my textbooks. Although technology hasContinue reading “Snail.”

Here we go.

It’s getting close.  I have been accepted, granted some financial aid loans (boooo), and I’ve registered for the summer terms.  Nine hours total.  Makes me nervous; it’s been almost 18 years since I was student. I’ve ordered my books and they’ve started to arrive.  I’ll soon have access to see course syllabuses and course assignments.  The process has begun.