Deep Breath

SO – today was day one. I have been stressed out about it. In the end, today was productive. I mean, I’m still teaching full time and driving a bus route and keeping up with the kiddos (and dinner and soccer and grading…). I’m worn out. However, getting a chance to fully see what’s expected in the weeks ahead helped. I completed assignments today. I’m not a 20 something college kid anymore. I have to remember that – not that I was ever one to procrastinate.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that reading the intro from my professors, hearing what they had to say and share, was the one key factoring in realizing that they are not out to get me. [I have had those in the past, not at my current school, that seemed like their goal was to fail everyone].


I have always know I was a slow reader. I enjoyed English class when the teacher would read aloud; allowed my brain to see the words on the book page in front of me and hear the language. NOT so much anymore. I began reading last night, from one of my textbooks. Although technology has always interested me, I find that I just read slow. I’ve already been told that the more I read throughout grad school the better, easier, faster I’ll become. Hope that’s true.

Here we go.

It’s getting close.  I have been accepted, granted some financial aid loans (boooo), and I’ve registered for the summer terms.  Nine hours total.  Makes me nervous; it’s been almost 18 years since I was student.

I’ve ordered my books and they’ve started to arrive.  I’ll soon have access to see course syllabuses and course assignments.  The process has begun.